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A Brief History

Qa³ Limited was formed as an independent company in 2011 providing quality analytical solutions, training and method development to all sectors. Qa³ specialise in the delivery of both on-site and off-site chemical analysis, technical advice and consultancy services to the oil and gas industry, both onshore and offshore, in the UK and throughout the World.

The Qa³ senior consultants were founders and owners of Analytical Data Services Ltd (ADS) which was formed in 1995, acquiring the ion chromatography section of the British Petroleum analytical facility at Sunbury UK. From its inception ADS grew steadily, becoming widely recognised as a World leading specialist analytical company. The international oil service company Expro purchased ADS in 2008. With Expro, ADS expanded and developed, particularly in the field of on-site chemistry services to the oil and gas industry.

Since 2013, Qa³ have taken a step back from consultancy, spending time developing in-house specialist methodologies. These included the development of mercury speciation techniques, instrumentation for the determination of trace oxygen in gas and various other pioneering services to be employed on site at clients’ locations worldwide.

Today, Qa³ have a dedicated group of field personnel who are deployed across the globe on specialist on-site projects, servicing all sectors of the oil and gas industry. From determination of initial physical properties of hydrocarbon fluids during well testing, to trace component analysis of treated gas or liquid products.

Call Qa³ for a “can-do”, customer focused approach to analytical services.