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On-site Chemistry Services | Qa³


Click on the contaminants above to find out more about them and the analytical service Qa3 can provide.
Qa3 General Principles
The provision of Qa3 on-site chemistry services is underpinned by six general principles of operation:
1   To understand client requirements and meet their performance expectations through rigorous work planning and effective communication.

2   To employ capable and competent personnel who have a strong commitment to continual improvement in order to provide an exceptional service to all clients.
3   To adhere to international and local health, safety and environmental policies, supported by a philosophy of dynamic risk assessment.
4   To understand, respect and work in harmony with the local culture and traditions.
5   To work to a traceable quality management system that implements established and proven QC procedures.
6   To provide a final, all-encompassing product that enables the client to make accurate, considered decisions based on the findings.